CPR stands for Cash Plug Records , the worlds first ever social-network marketing record label. So you take the aspects of social networks such as Facebook , MySpace , IG & Twitter , combine them with aspects of top network marketing companies such as Avon , Amway , MCA & Herbalife & then complete the fusion by setting the foundation as the most futuristic & coolest record label & entertainment company ever & what you create is Cash Plug 🔌 Records LLC.

Founded By CEO Dot Jones aka King Jones The 1st ; CPR was originally created to give those people typically not interested or understanding of network marketing companies the opportunity to make money online & at home all while doing something they they already have interest in as well as providing a large unified platform for small businesses to grow & expand their reach to increase their clientele. The larger the platform gets the more of a resource it will become for all those involved so your goal is to build the platform as it builds you. You get out what you put in , if you’re not interested in helping us build cpr then stop reading right here & enjoy the rest of your day.

If you’re still reading , that means you wanna know how can cpr help you ! If you’re an artist , a model , a dj , a comedian , an actor or anyone aspiring to become an entertainer,  it’s a no brainer ! Joining CPR will instantly & overnight increase your following , get you more likes, views & shares on your content as well as give you access to different resources & opportunities that maybe free or discounted just by becoming a cash plug.

If you have a business , product , website , merchandise , or any brand CPR is the place for you. If you sell jewelry, baked goods , clothes , arts & crafts , makeup & cosmetics , do hair , cut hair , do make up or nails , psychic readings , credit repair or ANYTHING where you need clientele CPR can help you tremendously! We will share your content , help you get new clients and make sells as well as also offer you different resources and merchant opportunities.

So what if you don’t have a business , brand , product or even a dream to have one ? Then what’s in it for you ? Simple , MONEY ! This can start as your new side job & eventually become a full time job as Cash Plug Records grows into a corporation. This is where the commissions / network marketing part comes into place ! So even if you don’t aspire to any of the above things we all know people who do & you will make $75 every single time you plug someone new in . A one time payment of $100 to join , will bring you $75 over & over forever each time someone joins as well as residual income each month when the website launches on top of the direct commissions .  So even with just 1 person you’ll almost make your initial payment back and with 2 you’re now already making profit. Even if you get only 1 plug a week , that’s an extra $300+ in your pocket per month ! The bigger the platform gets , the easier it will be to get people to join so again come in with the mindset of helping CPR grow & you will earn unlimited income ! You get out what you put in & you’ll get paid daily however much you can earn just by promoting and helping us make the brand bigger as well as different incentives given by the CEO for effort ! Meaning even if you don’t initially get someone to join , you’ll earn “blessings” just by promoting and following his lead in the chat .  With that being said you won’t have to worry , the brand will continue to grow & as it does & people see the legitimacy, more and more people will want to join & you will already have the product (plug marketing) in your pocket to help the next person as well as earn yourself some money !

So if you’re ready to take your life to the next level & join a team of like minded cash plugs then make your next move your best move . send $100 to $cashplugrecords & write the name of the person who sent you this in the notes so they can get their $75 for plugging you in ! The next steps are that you will receive the invitation to our private group chat & speak with the ceo directly. You can then introduce yourself and your products / brands etc for promotion and help and/or you can began promoting and getting new plugs right away ! Congratulations in advance.

SN: On Nov 1st, 2020 , our official website is set to launch and at that time everything will becime fully automated.  You will have your own page / referral link to send to your potential plugs & you will be paid automatically

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